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Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

While scouting for kid’s room design ideas, there are sure to be many factors on your checklist. Not only must the space be inspiring enough to let the creativity flow, it must be a fun place too. Also, the room should have enough storage space to keep their clothing and playthings in order. Here are some ideas that will make designing this place easy and fun. In the end, the smiles on their faces will be totally worth the effort.

kids room

Bunk beds are one piece of furniture that children simply love. It is like offering them a play area right in the middle of their room; see them go up and down with glee. Cosy cupboard beds with doors are also a huge favourite, as they turn bedtime into one big adventure. What it also does for you is to free up a lot of space in the room which can then be used for storing their many other supplies. With Modern Bunk Beds coming with great storage solutions, you are covered on that front, too.

kids room1

Speaking of storage, keeping their books and toys well organized so that they are available the next time they want them, is a task that every parent identifies with. A great solution to this task is to go with Hexagon Honeycomb Shelving on the walls. Not only do they add colour and character to the room, you can see them stack their own stuff easily into these handy shelves. That clutter you associated the room with is now a thing of the past.

If your kids love to read, try breaking the monotony of a storage wall in his or her bedroom with a reading nook built within it. What is there not to love as you find your child snuggled up in their favourite corner?

You may want to create friendly zones within the kid’s room- for sleeping, playing, relaxing and studying. Browse our website for a range of Creative Ideas for Kid’s Room which will make you want to turn into a child yourself!


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