HMB Ideas

Ideas for Light Coloured Bathrooms

If you live in a house bustling with children, chances are your only moments of peace and privacy are the minutes spent locked in your bathroom. Whatever your reason, time and money spent on bathroom designs can create a personal haven within the home.

Simple is the new modern and this holds true even for bathrooms. If your bathroom is small in size, it needs even more creative designing to make every inch of space count. It is all about using space constructively to serve the twin purpose of functionality and style.bathroomColours are also important elements in a bathroom space- light colours like cream, white and grey can create an aura of serenity and calmness; not to mention that they add extra space to the room. Light coloured bathrooms also form a perfect backdrop for some inspired lighting and contemporary decor. For instance, instead of installing lights above the mirror that throw shadows around your face, you could install sconces at eye level on both sides of the mirror. Using coloured accessories like towels and rugs is a great way to add an element of fun and variety to the bathroom. If your bathroom is a sea of grey, a white marble countertop, for example, can provide visual relief.bathroom1You could also use a variety of materials- ranging from the Mirror Frames to woven storage baskets- to add texture to the otherwise neutral space. Porcelain tiles and dark flooring also accentuate the natural look and add oodles of character to the place. If you want to bring focus on your window, you could use contrasting curtains; otherwise, go for curtain colours that blend in with the wall and add to the room’s serene feel.

Above everything, do remember the best bathroom designs are the ones that create the kind of aura that helps you cleanse and relax. A whole range of Bathroom Products on our website can come in handy as you design yours!


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