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Ideas to Decorate your Porch

A porch is an area of transition; it serves as a connection between the interior and exterior of the house. Front porches in particular serve as an introduction to the house both for guests as well as passers-by. A warm and welcoming porch will give character to your house as well as invite guests in. Ideal porch design ideas inculcate three basic characteristics; they should be compatible with the rest of the home décor, serve a purpose as well as exhibit visual appeal.


Porch design ideas do not necessarily need to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes simply rearranging or repainting the furniture can give your porch a whole new vibrant look. Consider painting your porch chairs with bright patterns to bring some freshness to your porch. If you have had enough of chairs, consider replacing them with love seats that allow for more comfortable seating and better conversation. Lamps are a time tested interior design idea, but outdoor lamps in porches look equally chic. Also, they help provide light for you to continue entertaining or relaxing outdoors even when the sun has long bidden goodbye. There is nothing that adds more appeal and warmth to a porch than pretty flowers. Arrange plants on a rack to create a colourful patio that is also environmentally friendly.


Flowing curtains afford privacy and protection, as well as provide great visual appeal to your porch. Use light materials and colours to keep the porch light and airy instead of stuffy and cramped. For covered porches with restricted light, skylights are a great way to add some extra light. You can also consider glass front doors to increase the natural amount travelling to the porch.

On our website you will find a whole lot of creative home decorating ideas that help your porch exude warmth. With endearing design ideas your porch will soon turn into your favourite refuge.


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