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Dark Coloured Living Room Ideas

There is no easier and cheaper way to transform a living room than through tons of paint; and if the paint is dark in colour you are sure to add a lot of drama to your living room.

Painting the ceiling and woodwork white is a great way to accentuate dark walls. Providing visual breaks through tactically placed artwork can also go a long way in preventing the room from becoming overly severe. To break the formality of the dark walls, add a bit of playfulness to the decor. Bright Cushions and quirky accessories can do the trick with ease. You could also consider adding a dash of brightness by painting the inside of a bookshelf or a windowsill in bright colours. Creating a focal wall can also add character to the room besides making it seem larger than it is. Painting big canvasses or hanging fabric gives the room an unmistakable touch of class.

living room

Glossy dark walls are the perfect backdrop for furniture with clean lines. Decorate a dark living room with light upholstery and pleasing lampshades; they lend the otherwise dark and formal room a sense of comfort.

living room 1

There’s no dearth of Living Room Decorating Ideas– especially when it comes to decorating a dark living room. You could use the dark walls as the backdrop to spray a myriad of colours in the room. A multi coloured rug, for example, is the perfect foil for those walls. When you have dark walls in your living room, the room can also do with some sparkle. A glittering chandelier or mirrored furnishings add just the right dash of bling to the room. A dark ceiling can also benefit from sleek lighting fixtures that add to a Modern Living Room Design.

If all along you thought that painting your walls black or in other dark colours was akin to cramping up your airy room- you can rest assured it’s not true! Log on to our website and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to living room decorating ideas.


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