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Some Amazing Small Garden Design Ideas

Anyone who has lived in a city apartment or is currently living in one knows what having a small garden means; very often a patio is their only claim to a small garden. If you have ever wondered whether you could actually create a garden in a small space, all you need to do is put your creative cap on to think of some simple yet creative outdoor design ideas to create your own little oasis within a city jungle.gardenA garden conjures up images of greenery which can as easily be achieved through potted plants. Potted plants on railings and window sills; you can even use the corners of a small space to pot some bigger plants. They not only provide a great visual effect, but are effective space savers as well.

When space limits you from growing plants horizontally there is always the vertical route. Add trellis behind every nursing bed for vines to grow. If you happen to live in an apartment, you can consider adding wall planters with pockets to grow a variety of herbs; a hanging shoe organizer can serve the purpose just as well. Just make sure that each planted pocket has a hole at the bottom for excess water to drain out. Vertical plants can justly claim to be one of the most creative garden design ideas of our times.garden1Trees in your small front or back yard provide the perfect shaded spot for a beautiful and cosy seating arrangement. A small round outdoor table and anything from two to four chairs underneath an umbrella placed under a shade giving tree gives you all the protection you need from rain, while allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in your very own garden.

Even a small front yard or just the entryway to the home can be creatively used by adding up a free standing beautiful pergola. It not only provides you the perfect enclosure for small outdoor designs but is also the perfect structure to give full rein to your green thumb.


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