HMB Ideas

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

One of the first things to keep in mind while tinkering with bedroom decoration for the guest room is that the décor should give the room an ambience that makes it a home away from home for overnight visitors. Keep comfort, functionality and style in mind while arranging furniture and décor- especially in small guest room spaces. With a little bit of creative application, it is possible to use every inch of the space to provide your guests with an experience that surpasses the hospitality of even the most luxurious hotels.bedroom
The best way to make guests feel truly welcome in your home is to provide for a beautiful flower arrangement in the room. Flowers convey more than words ever can, and also add both colour and fragrance to the room.

There is nothing that guests want or deserve more than a good night’s rest- which is where bedding plays an important role. Include soft, plush bedding in your bedroom bed designs. Dress up the bed in neutral palettes for that warm inviting touch that makes guests feel relaxed in an unknown bed. Layered bedding provides comfort- for instance a cotton sheet under a duvet, which is underneath a comforter, allows guests to keep or remove layers depending on how warm or cold the night is.guest roomModern guest rooms are, more often than not, smaller in size compared to a master bedroom, and as such you need to furnish it with double duty furniture to ensure you have ample space to accommodate families with children as well. A beautiful sofa bed, for instance, can make for a great place to relax and chat with your guest during the day while serving as a comfortable bed at night time for bigger families.

It is easy for guests to lose their bearings and bump into furniture and injure themselves in the dark. Equip nightstands with table lamps or even bedside scones can provide that soft light needed to navigate one’s way to the bathroom at night, or even to indulge in some quiet bed time reading before going to sleep.


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