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Basement Interior Design Ideas

Instead of treating it like the goldmine it is, the basement is very often treated like a dumping ground to store everything from unused toys, to household utensils. The open layout of the basement, in fact, offers a plethora of possibilities, from a much-coveted media and game room to a useful and needed home office. All that is required is little bit of space planning, and some imaginative décor to get the basement space to function as much more than just dark and dingy storage. Not only that, a well designed basement can also increase the resale value of your home, which makes it a space worth investing in.

basementBasements are generally dark spaces with little light and ventilation. Recessed lights can prove to be an expensive proposition, so a good idea would be to instead go for basement design ideas that include placing Floor Lamps or Wall Scones at strategically important locations. You can also consider installing a ceiling fan, or even a purifier to keep the space ventilated. Avoid dark colours since the room is anyways devoid of natural light; instead opt for neutral palettes like grey and white for the walls and ceilings which help to reflect light. Mirrors are also a great option, and placing them strategically will help light up even the darkest basement.

Design a multi-activity space by using temporary barriers like drapes or screens. Installing permanent barriers in your home can be costly and may also require safety clearances. With these ideas, your Basement Design Ideas can include a media centre at one end of the room replete with a gaming console and speakers separated from a home office at the other end.

Cover unsightly walls with beautiful curtains that allow light to stream through, while adding a pop of colour. Eliminate the need for renovation by covering pipes and rods with beautiful fabrics for an easy decorative solution. Use the basement walls to install some ceiling to floor Shelves and Cabinets. This way you can make maximum use of available basement space to both store things not in daily use, while also using it as a multi activity room.


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