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Dark Coloured Living Room Decorating Ideas

The primary reason why many homeowners are switching away from lighter shades when it comes to living room décor, is that dark colours lend drama and depth to modern living room designs. With the right balance, a dark colour can become a beautiful backdrop for an inspired and eclectic living interior design. After reading about these living dark coloured room decor ideas, you will want to go dark and dramatic!darkBalance bright accents in a dark coloured living room, and you have the perfect recipe for a striking space. Dark walls present just the right backdrop for a colour coordinated art piece. Remember to avoid oversized paintings; instead, choose brightly painted scaled-to-size pieces that add character to the room. Bright patterned wallpaper is another convenient and affordable option.

dark1Offset the dark colour with light furniture and accessories. Roman shades and light curtains, wicker chairs, soft cushions, light coloured rugs all add up to the create a sense of balance and keep the living room décor both modern and edgy, as well as soft and inviting. A fresh coat of white paint on the ceiling will give the room more visual height than it actually has. Playing with patterns and texture also bodes well for a dark coloured living room. Say it with weathered woods or plush velvets and see the room perk up instantly.dark2Lighting plays an important role in highlighting the key aspects of living room décor. Recessed lighting on the ceilings diffuses light across the room. Avoid large overhanging chandeliers in small dark modern living room designs as they make the space appear smaller. Instead use wall lamps, scones and diffused lighting throughout the room to ensure the room is well lit with no dark corners.

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