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Outdoor Sun Lounger Ideas

Soaking in the beautiful warmth of the sun while doing absolutely nothing- this is the kind of bliss all of us dream of, and only a fortunate few are able to enjoy. The lure of the great outdoors has led to the introduction of many new pieces of furniture that allow you to both enjoy private moments of solitude, as well as entertaining friends and family with equal ease.sun loungersOne of the best additions that you can make to your outdoor space is a Sun Lounger. They are just what you need to enjoy warm sunshine for hours together without the hardness of the chairs forcing you indoors after only a couple of minutes. Adjustable footrest, backrest and a frame that adjusts to the shape of your body, is there a better way to spell luxury?Aruba LoungerSince outdoors is where your sun lounger is going to be, you better choose one that is made to last through all weather conditions: from hot sunny weather to torrential rain drenched days, or cold snowy showers. Some like the Aruba Sun Loungers can adjust to flat positions when you feel like giving your back a complete rest, and go upright when you would rather watch the world from an upright position. Others, like the Bedford Sun Lounger, can adjust to five different positions to allow you to shift weight and change positions as the sun changes moves across the horizon. Bedford Lounger1The wider sun loungers are made to accommodate two adults, making them the perfect outdoor love seat to hang out with your partner while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. Look for sun loungers made of rattan, teak and wicker as they provide the utmost durability in outdoor conditions. Soft, plush foam cushions can provide your back the support they need. Add in colourful cushions and a warm blanket and you have everything you need to enjoy your own private space- day and night. That you can order them online is an added perk.


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