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Cool and Useful Products: Home Office

Working hard has never looked so good! And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the home office you deserve- with a the right combination of products and décor, your space can go from plain to professional in no time at all. Here’s the low-down on all the office essentials you need to become a total productivity guru without breaking a sweat- or your budget.

Get a desk that fits the room- as well as your needs

While it might not exactly be much of a gadget, we often overlook the importance of having a versatile, and not to mention, comfortable desk. While owners of smaller rooms might want to look into more space conserving options such as floating desks, most of the time models with drawers and even multi-tiered storage win in the bang for your buck and storage categories.

A comfortable chair is half the battle

Another product that can either make or break your home office is the (drumroll please) humble office chair. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t feel shy of making it rain when it comes to choosing a chair. A model with all the whistles- such as an adjustable back, armrests, height and high quality lumbar support is a must for those long hours spent at your desk.

Who says shelves can’t be stylish?


One of the most versatile and useful additions to your home office, shelves are a fantastic home decoration idea that are a treat for your eyes, as well as your pocket. It’s impossible to even picture a home office without one or two of these in it; a great place to keep your storage out of the way, as well as help add some extra personal feel to your space. Feeling fancy? Grab some bookends for that finishing touch.

Lighting is vital

We like to think being able to see your keyboard is always a perk. Proper lighting won’t just help illuminate the room, well placed lighting fixtures can help improve the entire ambiance, feel as well as spaciousness of the area. A good strategy consists of one ceiling light (for aesthetics), wall lights (for ambiance) and task lighting for work purposes.

Baskets aren’t just for fruit

One of best products you can get for your buck and your home office has to be baskets. Whether they’re wire, wicker, wooden or you name it- the storage possibilities are endless. Gorgeous by themselves or even better when stacked together, baskets are a saviour when it comes to keeping clutter organised.


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