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Modern Bedroom and Bathroom Design Ideas


There is something about modern homes that truly lends itself to artistic appreciation. From sleek and sophisticated to a multicoloured bohemian look, modern homes are all about inventiveness and creativity. Designing a home clearly requires pushing the envelope in terms of creativity to ensure a visually stunning exterior is balanced off by an equally well-designed and furnished interior. Here are some handy tips that help you do up your bedroom and bathroom, those private sanctuaries that are such an integral part of your home.

Between reading sleeping and just relaxing, you end up spending a lot of time in your bedroom which is why your bedroom design ideas should be aimed at both keeping things lively as well serving as a personal oasis for some much needed relaxation from the daily grind. Remember to choose the colours of your bedroom with care. If pastels are your thing when it comes to wall colours, do find ways and means of adding a pop of colour elsewhere. From the bedspread to the headboard there are enough and more ways to inject just the right amount of colour. Much of the designing and furniture you choose should be based on how big or small the bedroom actually is. If you have the space, consider creating two separate zones, a sleeping zone for much needed rest and a lounge zone when you are in the mood for some entertainment. Place two lounge chairs with a table at the foot of the bed and you have created the perfect zone for reading as well as indulging in some relaxing conversation with your partner. If space permits you can even consider installing a sofa lounge to give the room an even more luxurious look. Small bedrooms on the other hand require bedroom design ideas of a very different kind. Mirrors can play a very important role, especially if the room is not blessed with large windows or light. Consider placing vertical mirrors on one wall to give the appearance of windows. Full length mirrors increase the height of the room and also help in dressing.


The most luxurious room in modern homes is neither the bedroom or even the living room. It is in fact the bathroom. With a host of modern bath accessories easily available, you are never short of inspiration in doing up the master bathroom. From floating tubs to hand painted tiles and glass showers, homeowners have sought the maximum inspiration while mulling over bathroom design ideas. You could create a spa like bathroom by using modern bath accessories like angular fixtures and working with natural materials like plants and flowers to bring colour and fragrance into the bathroom. Wall shelves are having a moment in a big way and not just in bedrooms; they are also being extensively used in bathrooms. They serve a dual purpose by not only freeing up valuable floor space but also provide the perfect place to showcase a beautiful collection.

Irrespective of the size of your home, go ahead and make a big statement with these handy décor ideas. Here’s to a stylish home that speaks volumes about the owner’s design sensibilities!


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