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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas


There has been a paradigm change in design thinking as far as master bedrooms are concerned. A recent survey conducted in the US applicable across the world, concludes that a majority of the homeowners surveyed want their bedrooms to be more personalized and intimate. They want the décor to be more reflective of their personal style and are more inclined to discard large décor items in favour of smaller and easily replaceable décor pieces. This in part is also due to the fact that modern house designs also emphasize taking a more personalized creative approach rather than going by the text book when it comes to decorating.


From the bedroom furniture to the wall art products, the furniture and décor of the bedroom should be uniquely yours, in fact more like an extension of your personality. It also needs to be eclectic enough to take care of different needs and different temperaments. Bedroom interior designs that can help you sleep, relax, indulge in some light reading or simply lounge are known to serve more than their share of purpose. A key element of décor is the bedroom furniture. Getting the balance right is key to ensuring your needs are met without overcrowding the space and making it appear disorganized. A bed with nightstands and a dresser with mirror are sufficient to meet the needs of a small bedroom. Larger bedrooms can benefit by the inclusion of a lounge chaise to create a lounging area away from the bed. This can be the ideal place to enjoy a cup of morning tea or simply light conversation before shifting to the bed for the night.


The true value of bedroom interior décor however lies in the little details and this is where having a unique personal style can help give the bedroom a character of its own. For instance including a single piece of vintage furniture like purchasing an antique side table online India can uplift the décor of the entire room. There are many interesting design choices when it comes to side tables. For instance side tables with shelves underneath can provide valuable storage space for books and other small items making the table top appear less cluttered. Another good option is to look for re-purposed side tables online India, for instance an old dresser can serve as a side table cum dresser in case the bedroom is short of floor space.


One of the simplest and most effective ways of adding depth to the bedroom décor is to liven up its walls with attractive and unique wall art products. From adding decorative mirrors across the length of the wall to creating a gallery wall of beautiful paintings there are thousands of ways to give expression to your creativity. One of the most trending wall art products are uniquely crafted metal wall art pieces that lend colour and vibrancy to the décor. The only aspect you need to watch out for, is that with décor as eclectic as this, you may never want to step out of your personal sanctuary.


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