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Light up your Home and Heart


There is no denying the fact that lighting plays an important role in enhancing the décor of a room. But function and décor aside, lighting has another important role to play; it can be the perfect tool to set the mood for the evening. Whether you are looking to a night of entertaining or some quiet family and reading time, lighting can be the perfect way to set the tone for the evening.


From beautiful outdoor hanging lanterns to stylish and contemporary floor lamps, lighting touches every part of the home décor. Outdoor lights can transform your ordinary backyard into an enchanting mystery land making the transition from sun to stars beautifully seamless. Sunset need not herald the end of party time, with the right kind of outdoor lighting you can party well into the night. They not help keep night time prowlers out, but the right ambient lighting can also act as powerful mood setters to enjoy a perfect night of fun and entertainment.


There is something about lanterns and candles that automatically draw the eye. They bring about a touch of old world romance that is so irresistible. The best way to decorate your backyard is with outdoor hanging lanterns that act as a great decorative feature besides providing ambient lighting. Place candles inside canning or mason jars and hang them from trees to create a glowing ambience that is perfect for an evening of fun with family and friends. Another alternative is to use electric or even battery powered lanterns that provide the same atmosphere without the dangers associated with candles. Solar powered lanterns are also increasingly being used as a beautiful eco friendly alternative. There are many creative DIY ways to decorate the outdoor space like hanging origami lanterns created by wrapping origami balloons with ribbons around battery operated lanterns. Chinese lanterns is another great way to decorate your outdoor space. For a more traditional look go with carriage lamps lighted up with either candles or LEDs.


The best way to amp up your indoor décor is through the use of the right indoor lighting. GO in for fancy floor lights that add both functionality and style. Similarly, adding a modern floor lamp in the living room can give the right eclectic touches to your traditional décor. Nowadays, there are many kinds of contemporary floor lamps available including adjustable ones that allow you focus ambient light on any one object for better task lighting. It is the beauty of the geometric shapes and the convenience of adjustable arms that driving the increasing demand for contemporary floor lamps. The bone tiled floor lamp is another style much in vogue these days in modern living rooms.


A great way to balance traditional with modern décor is to add a stylish candle holder stand set with beautiful candles on the fireplace mantle along with a modern floor lamp in contemporary shapes and abstract designs.  With these eclectic lighting ideas you will not just land up illuminating your house but also many hearts!


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