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Styling the heart of your home- the living room and the bedroom

If you had to choose two areas in your house that deserve utmost attention when it comes to decorating them, it would have to be your bedroom and your living room; one your private refuge and the other a place to bond with the entire family.


Whether your living room exudes those comfy vibes that prompt the entire family to chill out, depends in large measure on the living room furniture. A deep sofa that screams sink-into-me is a must have. Pair it with a comfortable ottoman to put your feet on and you have one great combination. A lot depends not just on the furniture but also its placement. Two sofas kept back to back in your living room create two cosy conversation areas. You may as well get used to guests flocking to your living room for those soulful conversations. In case you are putting one oversized sofa, remember to have another largish accessory, a huge ottoman for instance, as a foil. Another accessory that is as much functional as aesthetic, is an accent chair. Look hard and you may be able to find one, which borders on art, and it can be the biggest conversation starter.


In choosing the living room furniture ensure that you choose items that include storage. A coffee table with a shelf gives you that much needed space to stack newspapers and other stuff. You could also consider having a vintage trunk that is functional and yet adds oodles of character.


When it comes to bedroom furniture, the same principle of flexibility and function holds good.  Hard working furniture that is versatile is the key. Think of a headboard that doubles up as a bookcase or a side table that also serves as a writing desk. A low chest of drawers can also double up as a nightstand.

While the bed can be the focal point of the room alright, so can other bold furniture like an accent chair.  In fact a separate seating area in the bedroom allows you to lounge comfortably and spend some me time. A cushy chaise can be that perfect put –your-feet-up space. Ensure the bedside table has enough storage to keep your books safely stowed and handy for those times you just want to laze with one.


If you want to add instant glamour to the room, opt for mirrored furniture. A mirrored wall with a floating glass shelf could work too, if space is a constraint. Mirrors work particularly well for a small bedroom by visually expanding the space. When it comes to lighting a bedroom, there is nothing quite like soft lighting. A chandelier, pendant lights or shade lamps add a touch of elegance to the room. If you are lucky to have large windows that flood your room with natural light, remember to pair sheer drapes with a darker window covering.

Style your dreamy boudoir in such a manner that it exudes a bit of your own personality and you will simply fall in love with the space.


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