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Shelving ideas- the perfect mix of form and function


When it comes to organizing your home, nothing comes in handy than wall shelves. From the living room to the kitchen, wall shelves are truly ubiquitous in their presence. From decorative wall shelves to floating ones, there is a lot you can do with them. When done right, shelves do more than solving your storage problems. They give you a chance to show off your design sensibilities. Here are some wall shelving ideas that you will just not have enough of.


There is nothing better than floating shelves to show off those collections that you have acquired over your various travels. The white floating shelves are versatile enough to be used as a bookcase. They fit into just about any décor. If space is a constraint, you will be surprised how much you can do with these shelves. Just go vertical and for all you know you will be able to transform a wall into your workplace. You could even add a storage doorway between two rooms. The decorative pieces that you put in these shelves will amp up the passageway like little else and give everyone a lot to stare at.


When it comes to decorative wall shelves, there is no dearth of ideas. You could choose to adorn your entryway with a distressed, rustic wooden shelf that has a mirror. A three level diamond shelving system will be just the piece you need for your living room. Form and function come together in these shelves. A white metal round shelf can be just the touch your room needs. It is hard to decide whether the artefacts you keep on it are prettier than the shelf that houses them.


Wooden wall shelves can be the perfect addition to just about any room too. Dark wooden shelves against white walls make them pop like little else. Consider having a wooden shelf with hooks in the kitchen to hang the cookware and add a characteristic appeal. A tree shaped wooden shelf on the other hand, may just be what the kids’ room needs. If your design style is modern, you will benefit from installing wooden arched shelf in your bedroom. From your favorite books to the perfume you just cannot do without, this can store it all while displaying your design sensibilities. These shelves are the perfect eye candy for any room and act as great conversation starters.


In addition, you could also give your creativity free rein to make your own shelves. A peg board shelf where you can move up the shelves basis the height of the objects is one such where convenience meets charm. From triangle shelves to industrial shelves, they are easy breezy to install. There isn’t a better way to decorate a blank wall while also converting it into a storage haven. For making the most of awkward spaces you could also choose from a whole lot of corner shelves that lend the place an unmistakable appeal.


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