HMB Ideas

Home decor ideas that will amp up your home like little else


God, as they say, is in the details! Reason enough for you to pay attention to those small design details as you set out to decorate ( or re-decorate) your home.  With these simple tips you are likely to witness heads turning! Pro tip- you may as well get used to the many visitors flocking to your hearth!

A key trend in home decor this season is the use of metallics. They add just the right amount of oomph and transform the space effortlessly. However steer clear from adding a lot of metallic or at least when using a number of metallic remember to keep the colour scheme restrained. That metallic wallpaper in your bedroom may just be the thing you need to add that touch of class. In fact, mixed metals seem to be having a moment. From brass and gold to nickel and silver, the possibilities are endless.

Do not hesitate in using bold colours when it comes to home accessories.  Be it that lamp or the living room poufs, the quirky art work or the appliances in your kitchen, there is nothing like a dash of colour to instantly uplift the room…and your spirits! Jewel tones are a definite yes as they add tons of interest to the room. Also consider using art-inspired wallpaper. These look almost like murals and add a lot of character to the space. A modern home can also benefit from the use of patterns. In fact geometric patterns are pretty much in vogue. Use them just about anywhere- on the wallpaper, pillows, rugs. The visual appeal that they add is truly unmistakable.

In choosing home decor furniture remember to create nooks and corners where you can truly relax. With a lot of our time spent on digital devices, true relaxation has almost become a luxury. Now this is something you can change by choosing relaxed furniture- those deep sofas that scream comfort, those over sized floor cushions, the charming love seats. There can be endless ways by which your home screams comfort! You could also a touch of romance through the use of transparent fabrics, sheers and even silks for that super luxe feel.


Since work has overtaken all aspects of life, having a home office is almost a necessity. When it comes to home office decor, do not hesitate to use vivid colours and striking patterns. After all your workspace needs to reflect your personality and not just some design elements. Picking up a metallic accent colour also works well for a home office. Even if space is a constraint, you could even convert a stairway landing with some statement pieces into a home office.

Speaking of statement pieces, one home decor trend that is rising in the popularity charts is the use of repurposed pieces. Think rugs repurposed as ottomans or old windows working as the home-office dividers. They sure will speak a lot about your sheer sense of style!


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