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Modern living room design ideas that will have you floored

If your design sensibilities lean towards modern, there is a lot you can do with your living room. After all this is the one space that is as much in use for family bonding as for creating some great memories with guests. With a little bit of creativity your living room can become the favourite hang out zone for family and friends alike.


A great living room design idea is to play with colour. Keeping it bold, lends the space a joie de vivre beyond compare. Think of a fiery red, offset with some white accents, of course. Another colour that can perk up the place is blue. Keep it closer to neutral or bold as per your sensibilities. Even if you have a small space living room, colour is just the thing you may need to shift attention from its size. Speaking of small spaces, while it may seem counterintuitive to have a sectional sofa, actually having small furniture in a small space heightens the feeling of being cramped.


If you are lucky to have a living room that is flooded with natural light, it will help to keep the living room furniture light so that it does not weigh the space down. Choose from a white or better still an open weave table that adds to the sense of openness. A visually interesting coffee table can add to the character of the room. A clothing chest or a wooden bench can efficiently double up as a coffee table and also be the perfect conversation starter. When thinking of living room furniture designs, consider thinking out of the box and having a circular seating for that perfect line of sight and great conversation. If you are one of those who loves to play host to large gatherings you can also consider having two back-to-back seating areas. That way you have created intimate sections rather than creating one large formal space, which does not allow for any soulful conversations.

sofa_gLEYKGb.detail_page (1).jpg

Remember also to add a few trendy accessories to keep the interest in the room alive. A bright throw pillow for instance or that bold rug may be just the right choice! Metallic accents also add to the room’s charm.


Another element that can perk up interest in the room effortlessly, is an accent wall. Do it up in a cheery, floral wallpaper and see it become the center of attraction. Alternately spread the good cheer with a floral lampshade or even with one floral accent seating space kept against the wall. An area rug can also create a show stopping space like little else.


Function and style come together in the lighting of the room.  Go in for a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting. Go ahead and highlight the artwork with track lighting while that table lamp provides task lighting. Modern floor lamps with clean lines are also just the accessory you need to lend your room character.



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