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Home furnishing ideas for that perfectly put together look


Decorating your home is much more than giving the walls a fresh paint of coat or even buying that new furniture. There is no match for soft home furnishing products to give the space that finishing touch that transforms the house into a home. Those curtains in a bold pattern, plush rugs, quirky cushions the opportunities are simply endless. Here are enough and more home furnishing ideas that you will fall in love with.

Small_clean.detail_page.jpgEven before you start to look for individual furnishings, you could think of freezing on a colour theme that runs through your furnishings  and that is also a part of your overall home decor. There is nothing better to create that well turned out look than to have that turquoise blue of your artwork find continuity in the curtains and the rug.


A home spells comfort and hence a rug that you can sink your feet into is a must have. That it gives the bare floor a quick makeover is an added perk. You could have a contrasting rug to complement the colours of the room for that calming impact. A brown rug, for example can be a perfect complement to go with those snazzy blue walls. Alternately a rug with a bold pattern can be the perfect foil for those neutral walls. In an ultra large space, having more than one rug can also help define separate areas. An area rug can also help to unify the various elements of the room.


When it comes to curtains, there isn’t anything that adds to a touch of romance better than those sheer curtains. Soft neutrals also go a long way in converting your room into a cosy cocoon. For that magical, fairytale look, you could choose, however, to go in for those silk curtains that transform the look, effortlessly.

1452941457_FabricsandPatterns.detail_page.jpgThere is nothing quite like cushions to add colour and texture to your room. Here is an instant remedy to transform a lackluster room into a stunning one that your visitors cannot just stop talking about! If yours is a playful style, you will benefit from a wide range of quirky cushion cover designs. That you have a conversation starter in the room, is a given. Alternately choose from printed cushion covers in an array of colours and designs…..chevron, gingham, paisley, there is a wide variety to cater to your eclectic tastes.  Personality and comfort come together in these accessories. Take your pick from small scatter cushions or large designer cushions and make a unique style statement. A wide range of cushions online in India, is just what you need to give your room a warm appeal. Mirror the colours and the designs of the cushions in the many other home furnishing accompaniments, be it in the curtains or the sofa covers and slips. Cushions are those convenient accessories that can help you change the look and the feel of the room seasonally, without breaking the bank.


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