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Kitchen decor ideas that add to those gastronomical pleasures



A kitchen is more than just a physical space and is really the heart of every home.  From bonding over food as a family, to entertaining guests over a memorable meal, there is a lot that happens in the kitchen. It is only right then that kitchen décor be done with a lot of care. When it comes to kitchen design, it isn’t necessary though that you go in for a full kitchen remodel. Instead small kitchen ideas can give your kitchen a big impact too!


One of the easiest and perhaps the least expensive way to do up your kitchen is to add a fresh coat of paint. You could do up your kitchen in bright colours for that bold appeal. Alternately, if you are stuck with a neutral kitchen colour that cannot be changed, you could also add to the vibrancy of the kitchen through the addition of colourful accessories- be it a statement vase or cookware. A monochromatic palette can also add tons of character to the kitchen. Go in for a black and white palette add see your kitchen scream contemporary class!


If there is one thing that is both functional and that adds to the kitchen’s design it has to be its shelving. There is nothing quite like open shelving to take up the appeal of the kitchen, up several notches! For a decorative touch, you could line its back with classy wallpaper. Additionally add a couple of floating shelves and you sure have a look worthy of a photo shoot. To add sparkle to your display add under-cabinet lighting and see it highlight the items like little else. The only disadvantage of open shelves is that you have to be careful about that mismatched china.dark_kitchen.listing.jpg

Creating a focal point in the kitchen is yet another kitchen renovation idea that is sure to become a conversation starter. There are enough and more options that will give your kitchen an irresistible appeal. You could choose to hang a large piece of art or even use patterned wallpaper. You could even say it with a backsplash as it makes for one great focal point. Choosing pretty tools- a vintage cutting board or hanging pots and pans add to the visual appeal too.  An inexpensive but extremely effective focal point is also to have a chalkboard wall. That it can also display the dinner menu is an added perk!

Your redesigned kitchen means that you would want to spend far more time within its confines. Bar stools are one great way to uplift the space and also to move the bar from the living room to the kitchen.  To add warmth to the kitchen you could consider adding a textured rug. A pair of chandeliers can add just the right touch of class. A word of caution here though- with a kitchen so redesigned, you may as well get used to a steady stream of visitors frequenting your home.


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